Thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Ty Yonkovich and decided to create this site to make it easier for you to have fun with my creations and share with your friends and family.

I’m a self-taught cake designer. I started creating cakes not too long ago and I get asked A LOT, what made me get started.

In August of 2015, I wanted to give my daughter a beautiful birthday cake, but I simply coudn’t afford it, so she and I decided I should try to make a fondant cake, and our plan B was going to be running to the grocery store and buy a dozen of cupcakes if my plan was a disaster.

To my surprise, it didn’t turn out too bad 😉 It took me 2 close to 24 hours to make it. lol Even though I could see all the imperfections, she loved it and so did her friends, who came over for a Movie Night sleepover.

I’ll risk to say that I really enjoyed making it and it wasn’t as terrifying as I initially expected. That was it. I had been bitten by the cake bug and wanted to do more! But how could I make a bunch of cakes, spend money with material, with no exact purpose. I then decided to gift my lovely friends and gave a few of them some cool and free birthday cakes.

I absolutely loved to see their reactions, so grateful and appreciative of my art. They started sharing pictures on social media, and suddenly I started getting messages from people asking if I could make them a cake if they paid me. Well, no brainer. Seeing that supplies costs were covered, and my time was being valued, I accepted the challenges.

It was a snow ball effect. Pictures being shared, referrals flying all over the place, I got really busy very quickly.

Lots of tutorials, sleepless nights and countless cake disasters later, I then chose to dedicate most of my time to taking in new challenges to turn your craziest dreams into amazing cakes.